History Of Northwood

Northwood, which was developed in the early 1970s, is the only community in Irvine that was developed independent of the Irvine Company. Therefore, it’s the only community that is not completely governed by any homeowners’ association. Neighborhoods like Park Paseo, Park Place, and Woodside do have homeowners’ associations, as well as community pools and Jacuzzis. Park Place and Park Paseo share a clubhouse as well.

The area that is now Northwood started off as part of the Irvine Ranch. The Irvine family gave or sold parcels of the area as bonuses and gifts to ranch foremen and other employees. Some 23 chunks of land were held by different owners, who were organized by a single developer who named the area Northwood. Another community called Northwood Pointe was developed in the 90s by The Irvine Company as a companion neighborhood to Northwood.

Like most of Irvine’s villages, Northwood is known for certain unique characteristics, the most prominent of which are the eucalyptus windrows that enclose neighborhoods and line main thoroughfares, and include many of the trees that were planted when the land was farmed, as crop protection against fierce Santa Ana Winds. Also characteristic of the village are views of the Santa Ana Mountains to the north and a preponderance of single-family dwellings often situated on somewhat larger lots. The “Northwood Loop” pre-dates the “Yale Loop” in the village of Woodbridge and serves as a two-lane neighborhood road through the older part of Northwood, with four segments Northwood, Southwood, Eastwood, and Westwood, bisected North-South and East-West by Yale and Bryan Avenues, respectively.


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